Biden Investigation: Rep. Comer Says “Can’t Track Down” Key Informant

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House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” said, “Unfortunately, we can’t track down the informant,” who is key in the committee’s investigation into President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and other Biden family members.  Comer explained that 9 of the 10 people identified as having very good knowledge of the Bidens’ dealings are “1 of 3 things. They’re either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.”  He added, there are others who want to come forward but “fear for their lives.”  The FBI still has not turned over the subpoenaed form, but instead sent “a very patronizing letter basically saying, Just trust us, and don’t worry about it. I mean, this is a pattern of behavior by the FBI that would suggest there’s been a cover-up for many years with respect to the Biden influence peddling,” Comer said.