Biden Admits “We’ve Had Chaos At The Border For a Number of Years”

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On Tuesday Biden admitted while boarding Air Force One, “Well, we’ve had chaos at the border for a number of years. We have to fully fund the border security effort.” House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) said, “Most of the problems we’re seeing at the border were created by Joe Biden himself, starting on his very first day in office as president when he sent a message throughout the world that America’s border is open by doing things like halting construction of the wall, reinstating catch and release, terminating the Remain in Mexico policy, the Northern Triangle agreements.”  The Republicans’ Secure the Border Act has been called a “forceful and serious” attempt to counter the border crisis, but Biden has threatened to veto it.  Border officials predict a possible surge of up to 14,000 migrants a day as Title 42 expires May 11.