Border Chief Mayorkas Can’t “Identify the Cause” for Recent Migrant Surge

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Just days before Title 42 expires, border chief Alejandro Mayorkas was asked to explain why there is a surge of migrants in the last couple of weeks.  He responded, “It’s very difficult to identify the cause” despite his agency’s 2023 budget of $175 billion and access to intelligence and police agencies.  Under Mayorkas, at least 1,000 migrants have been killed and vast civic and economic burdens have been laid upon Americans and local governments.  In 2022, the U.S. had  a massive influx of about 2 million global economic migrants, yet Mayorkas says the border is “secure,” and rejects any criticism of his deadly, wealth-shifting policies.  He often diverts questions about his pro-migration policies by saying, “fundamentally, we are working within a broken immigration system.”