Taiwanese Army Will Conduct Recall Training For Female Reservists; China Could Invade “In A Year Or Two”

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Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has announced that female reservists in Taiwan’s Army will undergo recall training exercises as part of efforts to strengthen Taiwan’s combat capability in light of a possible Chinese invasion. While women are not required to serve, there are about 25,000 women in Taiwan’s military, about 15% of all active duty personnel.  Current recall training is 5-7 days but a new plan is being phased in increasing it to 14 days.  Taiwan News also reports that Robert O’Brien, President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, said that unlike a 2021 assessment that China could invade Taiwan by 2027, he now believes “that window has gotten smaller, I think it’s down to a year or two.” O’Brian also said that if Japan, the U.S., and their allied countries do not provide weapons for Taiwan, it could result in “a very dangerous situation.”