Israeli Minister Accuses U.S. Government Of Cooperating With Judicial Reform Protests

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Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin claims that U.S. government officials are cooperating with protestors who are against the judicial reforms which Levin proposed. A video of Levin at a Haredi gathering showed Levin speaking out at Israeli media’s biased coverage of the issue, which leaves Netanyahu’s government at an “unimaginable disadvantage.”  Levin continued, “They (the protesters) have the court, the attorney general, the heads of the economy, the American government — which works in cooperation with them on this issue, which is evident by the things government spokespeople say there.” Levin admitted that the Israeli government could have done better explaining the proposals. Critics of the reforms say that the proposals would seriously harm Israel’s democracy, while Netanyahu’s government says that the changes are needed to curb a too-powerful judiciary.