U.S. Legislators Introduce Bill to Prevent AI from Launching Nukes

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A group of bipartisan U.S. legislators on Wednesday introduced a bill that will prevent artificial intelligence from launching nuclear weapons without human involvement.  Introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Reps. Ted Liew (D- CA), Don Beyer (D-VA), and Ken Buck (R-CO), the Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Act states that “any decision to launch a nuclear weapon should not be made” by AI.   The bill codifies the Pentagon’s 2022 Nuclear Posture Review‘s policy to “maintain a human ‘in the loop’ for all actions critical to informing and executing decisions by the president to initiate and terminate nuclear weapon employment.”  Rep. Buck said that “…use of AI for deploying nuclear weapons without a human chain of command and control is reckless, dangerous, and should be prohibited.”