McCarthy Addresses Knesset Amidst Strained U.S.-Israeli Relations

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U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) addressed the Israeli Knesset after the legislative body returned from a month-long break.  He pledged continued funding for Israel’s defense and said both countries need to “remain resolute in our commitment that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon.”  The speech seems to indicate bipartisan U.S. support of Israel even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has notably not been invited to the Biden White House. The Biden Administration has been critical of the proposed judicial reforms proposed by Netanyahu’s government. The proposal caused a wave of unrest in Israel and was put on hold during the legislative recess.  But The Times of Israel reports that last week almost 200,000 Israelis demonstrated in favor of the proposed judicial reforms. Meanwhile, McCarthy said that he would invite Netanyahu to the U.S. to address Congress if Biden did not.