High School Volleyball Player Speaks Out On Protecting Women’s Sports

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Payton McNabb, senior high school volleyball player at Hiwassee Dam High School in Murphy, N.C., is speaking out for lawmakers to pass legislation to protect women’s sports.  McNabb has suffered significant physical and mental injuries after being spiked in the face by a biological male who was able to play on a girls’ team. “I’m here for every biological female athlete behind me. My little sister, my cousins, my teammates. Allowing biological males to compete against biological females is dangerous.” The N.C. Legislature has since passed a bill banning biological males from girls’ sports and a similar bill has passed in the U.S. House. House Democrats all voted no, calling the bill “bullying.”  Adriana McLamb, former Division I athlete at Rutgers and FIU, said, “This bill isn’t an anti-trans. It’s pro-woman. And to any female athlete, I think it’s common sense.”