Ukrainian Troops Move Into Kherson Fueling Speculation That A Spring Counteroffensive Has Begun

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Ukrainian Troops have crossed into the Russian-held region of Kherson and established fortified positions on the eastern side of the Dnieper River, leading to speculation that the advance is the beginning of the long-awaited spring counteroffensive.  Washington-based think tank, the Institute for the Study of War, has collated reports from Russian military bloggers which include geo-located photographs indicating that Ukrainian troops have established a beachhead near the town of Oleshky.  Experts speculate that a probable goal of any Ukrainian push is to break through Russian lines and take control of the land bridge which gives Russia access to the Crimean Peninsula.  AP News reports that Russia claims to have repelled a Ukrainian drone attack against the Black Sea port of Sevastopol and Russian news reports a Ukrainian exploding drone crashed in a forest about 20 miles east of Moscow.