Trans-Identified Male Encourages Violence Against “Righteousness and Moral Majority”

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TikTok user @tara_vs_tw, trans-identified male, posted a video encouraging members of the trans community to arm themselves and engage in deadly acts of violence if prevented from using a women’s public restroom.  He said, “I dare you to try and stop me from using the women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make…You need to arm up; plain and simple. Go out, buy a gun, learn how to use it efficiently through and through. Because the time to act is now.”  The original video was removed from TikTok for community guideline violations.  In response, Tara vs tw posted a follow-up video saying, “tackle, defeat, and shred” Christians that “cherry pick bible verses” to “justify their bigotry.”  Later, the original video was restored to TikTok.