Biden to Give $1 Billion to U.N. Green Climate Fund: “Subsidizing” China

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President Biden on Thursday pledged $1 billion in taxpayer money to the United Nations’ (U.N.) Green Climate Fund to support “developing countries in taking stronger climate action.”  The U.N. still recognizes China as a developing country despite its massive economy.  In September of 2022, the Green Climate Fund disbursed $28 million to China with tens of millions more continuing until April 2024.  Founder and executive director of energy advocacy group Power the Future Daniel Turner said, “China is building the equivalent of two new coal plants a week, and they don’t deny it. Meanwhile, we’re closing down our coal plants and giving China money for green products, which we’ll then buy. So we’re subsidizing them twice. And you just wonder—how much more in debt do we have to go? And how much more do we have to risk on national security?”