U.S. Military Thinks China Is Preparing To Deploy Supersonic Drone

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A leaked assessment from the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, also reported by the Washington Post, says China is almost ready to deploy its high-altitude, supersonic WZ-8 reconnaissance drone. It would be air-launched from a Chinese H6-M Badger bomber and can transmit real-time data on ship movements and enable it to carry out missile strikes and establish air and sea superiority in a military conflict. Its estimated surveillance capability includes Taiwan and portions of South Korea. Chi Li-pin, director of Taiwan’s military-run weapons developer, said, “It’s a weapon for anti-access and area denial.  It is difficult to detect and intercept. The existing U.S. air-to-air weapons aren’t good enough.” Chi believes its primary use will be against U.S. military bases in the Pacific.