China Announces New Draft Policy As Regional Tensions Remain High

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China announced revisions to its military draft policy in which veterans and college graduates should expect to be drafted if the country enters a state of war.  Heino Klinck, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia and military attaché to China said, “The PLA has historically been a military based on conscripts from the countryside. I think Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to further bolster his communist bona fide by ensuring that all segments of Chinese society are a part of the national military buildup.”  The timing of the announcement raises concerns as tensions ratchet up following U.S.’s recent show of support to Taiwan and China’s military exercise simulating a blockade of Taiwan.  Western experts believe China will attempt to invade Taiwan no later than 2027, and U.S. President Joe Biden has promised to help defend Taiwan if China invades.