California Bill Would Allow 7th Graders To Learn About Abortions

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Recent legislation proposed in California, AB 598, by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-14), would require that middle and high school sex education programs instruct students in “pregnancy prevention and care, including, but not limited to, guidance regarding contraceptive methods and abortion.”  Teachers will also be required to give students “information about obtaining abortions during different stages of pregnancy, including informational resources, methods, and medical risks.” Students will also be given information on how to find local abortion providers.  Director of California Right to Life Mary Rose Short said, “Rather than working to improve education in California’s failing schools, Democrats are focused on turning students into lifelong customers for the abortion industry.”  The bill is just one of 17 new pro-abortion bills before the California legislature geared toward the state’s image as an “abortion sanctuary.”