U.S. Conducts Airstrikes In Syria After U.S. Worker Killed

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Multiple airstrikes by American F-15 “Eagles” were conducted in northeastern Syria in response to the death of an American contractor by what U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said was a drone of Iranian origin.  Six other Americans were wounded in the same attack. The airstrikes were centered in Syria’s Deir el-Zour province which lies on Syria’s border with Iraq and has oil fields.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a U.K.-based human rights organization, says that the strikes killed six-Iranian backed fighters at a munitions depot near the city of  Deir el-Zour and five more at military posts to the south. Fox News is reporting that Iranian proxy forces launched a rocket attack at a U.S. base near the Al-Omar oil field in apparent retaliation but no casualties have been reported.