Biden Family Ties to China; Global Think Tank Exec Speaks Out

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Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington-based foreign policy think tank, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, claims he told the FBI and DOJ in 2019 that Biden family members “tipped…off” their Chinese partner, Ye Jianming, China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) chairman.  The Bidens forewarned Ye that he would be the target of an FBI probe allowing him to flee the country before facing arrest.  This comes as House Republicans uncover new information on the Biden family’s dealings with CEFC China.  Luft’s allegations have yet to be verified, but there is evidence to support his claims.  Robert Henoch, Luft’s attorney, called Luft a “whistleblower” and said he plans to submit details to Congress of Luft’s case and their meetings with the FBI and DOJ.