The Greater the Unity, the Greater the Victory

What the United States’ leadership did to secure the unanimous approval of the United Nations’ resolutions, and then forge a coalition of such diverse nations to fight the battle, offers a penetrating illustration of exactly what is required for the church to win against schemes of our enemy. We are told that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church (See Matthew 16:18). Notice here that the Lord did not say “churches” (plural), but “church” – singular.

The gates of hell are the enemy’s access points into our lives, our congregations, our cities and our nations. The church has the authority to shut those gates. They cannot prevail against the church, singular, but they will continue to prevail against a divided church. If the Syrians, Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, Americans, French, British and others could join under one command to fight Saddam, then certainly the Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Catholics, etc., should be able to unify to wage our war against Satan.

The Allied Coalition did not require the Syrians to become Americans, or British, or to give up their sovereignty in any way. Neither is the church required to come under a single human organization or authority. History contains a resounding testimony to the terrible fallacy of the church coming under any head but Jesus. But there are common purposes that we must come together around if there is to be victory. Many of the different camps within the church have become so afraid of losing their domain that they have been giving territory to the enemy in order to keep their brothers from getting too much! To escape excessive authority we have often chosen anarchy.

If the church is to have victory in our time, we too must learn to join coalitions which confront specific issues, with specific objectives, until those objectives are fully accomplished. It is time to lay aside the fears of pastors and leaders who compel meetings to be so ambiguous that nothing is accomplished. At the risk of offending other world leaders and powers, the United States took the initiative, the authority and the leadership to get the job done. Instead of bringing the feared division, that initiative and resolve brought the most improbable coalition into a unity which accomplished an astonishingly one-sided victory. It is time for those who have been anointed as leaders to take the initiative to forge the coalitions that will be required in their cities and nations. 

Note:  Excerpted from Epic Battles of the Last Days, by Rick Joyner

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