Congressman Dan Bishop Blisters Secretary Mayorkas – Brands Him With A Big “L” On His Chest

By Don Brown

Former Democrat President Bill Clinton is once reported to have said that the more you tell a lie, the more the public is likely to believe it. Of course, in fairness to Clinton, if that’s possible, the quote is originally attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels, and thus the modern beginning of the so-called “Big Lie” theory, for fooling the public to achieve political gain at all costs.

Regardless of the origins of the phrase, the “Big Lie” theory has become both the political raison d’être and modus operandi of the modern Democratic party, in recent times, most visible during the Trump years and even thereafter, especially when it comes to hiding and denying America’s fatally dangerous crisis at the border.

From Russiagate, to Muellergate, to the two kangaroo-court “impeachments” of Trump based upon a flimsy stack of fabricated cards, to the so-called January 6th “insurrection” the Democrats have thrived on lie upon lie in doses thicker than a runny heaping of smelly, BS chocolate syrup, scooped in piles on Geriatric Joe’s vanilla ice cream cone.

And to a large degree, half of an unknowing public would routinely buy into the Dem’s rhetorical garbage, lapping up the bunk, even as the sycophantic mainstream media piled on scoop after scoop of synchronically-orchestrated phrases, like mindless chirping parrots, in supporting their lies.

Like Jabbar’s famous “skyhook” that was once unstoppable, or giving the ball to Jordan with the game on the line, or asking Brady to engineer a two-minute drive with your team down by six and time running out, and with no offense intended to these great athletes, the Democrat lie machine has been their go-to move to gain political advantage, because the tactic worked. For the Democrats, the “lie” has been their unstoppable move.

Then came a chink in the Democrat armor: a short but glorious showdown between Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina and Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Bishop, a freedom caucus member and a rising intellectual star among conservative congressional ranks, had only a few moments to operate, and he knew it. If the Secretary could stall long enough and smother his own answer with confusing wordsmithery, soon, the Democrat Chairman Bennie Thompson would bang his gavel and cut short Bishop’s opportunity to expose Biden and his minions for their rank border negligence, which is killing Americans through waves of crime and massive overdoses of deadly drugs.

Striking quickly like the skilled professional litigator that he is, Congressman Bishop fired his arrow directly into the Democrat’s bullseye: “Secretary Mayorkas, do you maintain that the border is secure?”

The Secretary, dutifully falling into the Democrat mantra of speaking the lie and repeating the lie, gave his answer. He then attempted to drown his answer in a murky confusion by attempting a paragraph of cacophony, with a bunch of political – as we would say in the Navy – “Bravo Sierra.”

The exchange went something like this, word for word:

Congressman Bishop: “Secretary Mayorkas, do you continue to maintain that the border is secure?”

Secretary Mayorkas: “Yes, and we are working day in and day out to enhance its security, congressman.”

Congressman Bishop: “Thank you, sir.”

Bishop has all he needs, with a simple, “yes” and turns to begin questioning FBI Director Chris Wray.

But Bishop is interrupted by Mayorkas, who wants to keep talking, to further drown his incriminating “yes” with excessive words of political poppycock, and tries to interrupt the congressman.

Secretary Mayorkas: (interrupting) “And we have remarkable…”

Congressman Bishop: “I get it. I still want to make sure that is still your assessment.” He turns to the FBI director. “Mr. Wray.”

Secretary Mayorkas: (interrupting again). “It’s very important if I may…”

Bishop: “There’s not enough time for explanations. We have your written positions. I just wanted to make sure if that’s still your position. I think it denies reality, respectfully. But I wanted to give you the opportunity to say ‘no, the situation has changed,’ or something like that.”

Bishop then turns to the FBI director to serve up the same question.

Congressman Bishop: “Director Wray, do you contend that the border is secure?”

FBI Director Wray: “What I would say is that we see significant criminal threats coming from South of the Border, whether it’s guns, drugs, money, violence. We see transnational criminal organizations that are sending their drugs here. They are using street gangs here to distribute it and that contributes to the violent crime crisis here. We’ve had takedowns in the last few months that I could give example[s]. I’ll give you one quick one. We had a takedown in Phoenix …. where we seized, in one vehicle intervention, enough fentanyl to kill the equivalent of the entire state of Pennsylvania.”

Let that sink in, as it’s worth repeating. “… in one vehicle intervention, enough fentanyl to kill the equivalent of the entire state of Pennsylvania.”

For all the FBI’s many publicly-documented flaws in recent months, often ignoring constitutional temperance by serving as a political pawn of the Democrat party by helping construct political prosecutions against conservatives, and against Trump, on this answer, Wray, to his credit, told the flat-out truth. Wray’s truth is, of course, in stark contrast to Mayorkas’s answer.

But somehow, this lie did not simply melt away onto the ash heap of Democrat prevarications like most.

You see, Democrats know they can get away with their leftist propaganda because in many cases, answers are not always easily available to the public. They can recklessly claim “Russian Collusion” because the public cannot always visibly discern what is going on behind the scenes. The public does not live in Washington’s three-letter-agency bureaucrat bubble to always tell the difference.

An unknowing population that would allow itself to be led around by the noses by their Democrat masters telling them that experimental vaccinations will definitely “stop the spread” of a foreign-made virus, or that “you won’t get Covid if you take the vax” will simply fall in line and wear masks like a nation of zombies because demographic propaganda-masters and their media mouthpieces tell them to do so. Lie to them and they will believe, the Democrats know, and lies give them a political advantage.

But with the Mayorkas’s lie, it’s a bit different.

The public, in this case, can see the difference on the border. It’s right in front of our eyes.

Even Democrat politicians along the Rio Grande border are speaking publicly and screaming about the reality of the crisis, as undocumented armies trample into the United States, often with fentanyl in their pockets, often with children to be sold for sex slaves, crowding upon the resources of local governments and destroying property. They come by the millions, unchartered and relentless, even as the Democratic government currently sitting in Washington, DC drools over the expiration of Title 42.

But even still, Mayorkas could not tell the truth. To do so would be a tacit admission that Trump was right after all, that the border wall must be completed at all costs, and that protecting the American border against an army of undocumented illegal aliens must be at the top of American National security.

There was no one good answer for Mayorkas in response to Bishop’s question.

So, he sucked it up, and by answering, “yes” essentially claimed that the dangerously-porous US-Mexican border is “secure” a position he had taken on previous public occasions.

Thus, Bishop’s cross-examination of Mayorkas has gone viral. Like a skilled ranch hand branding a new cowboy on the hit series “Yellowstone” Bishop took a smoking hot branding iron and skillfully branded a big letter “L” upon the Secretary’s chest.

“L” for Liar that is.

It was a skillful exercise in the exposure of truth, and the classic example of a liar visibly squirming under a righteous man’s skillful, quick-hitting cross-examination. Like a witness on the stand twisting and trying to explain his crimes with a torrent of words for justifying his deeds in the aftermath, Bishop would have none of it, and shut him down, cold as an iceberg.

Sometimes, the less said, the more understandable. And Mayorkas’s “yes” says it all.

Thank you, Congressman.

The Secretary of Homeland Security should resign, based upon not only that disingenuous answer to Congressman Bishop, but upon his policies of neglect in abandoning thousands of patriotic border patrol agents along our Southern border, many having given their lives to protect the lives of innocent Americans threatened by the invasion.

As for Congressman Bishop, he has again proved himself to be one of the great and still-to-be-fully discovered conservative intellectuals in Congress.

In considering the pool of potential conservative leaders for Speaker of the House, whether now or later, Bishop’s name should be included among a small handful of names for serious consideration.

Don Brown is a former U.S. Navy JAG Officer, practicing attorney, and author of 15 books on the U.S. Military, including the national bestsellers, LAST FIGHTER PILOT, TREASON, CALL SIGN EXTORTION 17: The Shoot-Down of Seal Team Six, and TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: The Shocking Prosecution of Lieutenant Clint Lorance. Don has been a featured speaker at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, and has been a frequent guest on the Sean Hannity Show. He has appeared nationally on Fox News, One America News, the Larry Elder Show, the David Webb Show, On Point with Tomi Lahren, and various other national and local media outlets. He has also authored numerous OPEDs for various national media outlets, including the New York Post, the Washington Times, Fox News, the American Thinker, and the Western Journal.