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The State of the Union Address (Vision)

1. Revelation

First, I got the word “ekklesia,” but the meaning was associated with the original Greek context as the political assembly in the city of Athens. I knew in my spirit that this ekklesia represented Congress and that the timing of the word was in relation to tonight’s State of the Union Address. I then saw the relief portrait of Moses, which is above the north entrance to the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It is displayed on the center of the wall at the north end, above the entrance to the House that all members pass through, including the President, when he gives his State of the Union Address. The face of Moses was speaking to the entire Chamber. God is the Lawgiver represented on the wall by Moses speaking to the assembly as they individually and collectively enter that room. “You have profaned the natural laws of men which are buried in their hearts.” “You have overthrown my laws which I gave to govern the affairs of men.” – (Romans 1:18-32). This is the message to every congressional representative, senator, Supreme Court judge, general, admiral, president, vide president, first lady, press, and those in the gallery that are power brokers. It is a clear warning to all three parts of the federal government collectively and individually that judgment is coming. Moses was especially attempting to convict those in the ekklesia who were believers, who sat in the gates like Lot, and who had compromised. I believe the word I received was, “They have 40 days to change and repent.” I then saw a hush come over the group. Biden appeared confounded and did not know what to say. Then I saw a hedge/wall around the Chamber. It was like Nehemiah’s wall where saints were standing watch on the wall. It looked more like an aqueduct. These saints were few, but they stood at their post, praying for the Chamber of the ekklesia who were gathered there this very evening.

2. Interpretation

Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in lawlessness in the nation and this vision is a reminder of God’s divine law. Yet God’s laws stand above man’s laws. This “ekklesia” has abused its authority through the arm of the federal government. They have censured God’s laws and judgment is coming if they do not change and repent quickly. Moses’ picture is established as it sits above their heads as a representation of divine authority, superior to their own. Egypt’s authority saw God’s authority through Moses which came to them in various forms of judgment. There is a thin line of protection over this Chamber because of the strength of the few who stand their posts, but their strength is wearing out from carrying such a heavy intercessory burden. This ekklesia and the ekklesia of the Body of Christ take them for granted. [For further exploration of these concepts, see Genesis 18, which describes Abraham pleading for the salvation of Sodom and the Lord’s willingness to spare the city for even a small remnant of champions of righteousness. Also see Exodus 9, where Moses is commissioned to boldly confront Pharoah and plagues sweep the nation because of his hard-heartedness.] [Edited by MSJN staff for clarity]

3. Application / Activation

We need to pray like we’re on the front lines of battle tonight. Pray that God will strengthen those who stand watch tonight over the ekklesia (or government representatives assembled there), both intercessors and righteous representatives. Pray for those saints on duty who are few in number but faithful. I saw them in a shape of a horseshoe standing at their posts. These are saints who are not elected, small people of no political importance but carry Kingdom authority. There are a lot of believers there but few who carry authentic Kingdom authority. Pray for their safety and that no attack comes against this federal body tonight – no sneak attacks. Finally, pray that the “kabowd” (heaviness and glory) fills the Chamber and acts as a gag against the enemy. The warning aspects of this dream could suggest there is a planned attack by the enemy against the nation. I sense that, like a sailor in the CIC (combat information center), you watch a radar scope and you see a blip coming toward you, but you do not know what it is. [Edited by MSJN Staff for clarity.]

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