From Prophecy to Headlines

By MSJN Team

MorningStar Ministries has been a significant voice in the modern-day prophetic movement. The MorningStar Journal News team is committed to doing our part in bringing a prophetic perspective alongside current events.  On New Year’s Eve, Chris Reed, President of Morningstar Ministries, prophesied major events that would occur in 2023 and beyond.  We have already witnessed some of these prophecies become headlines.  

Almost daily, news breaks of another celebrity or athlete who has died suddenly.  This grim reality ties to one part of Chris’ prophecy for 2023. 

“We will continue to see more and more famous people suddenly die, and there will be a reason for this. It will be something in their bodies. A major well-known Hollywood star will unexpectedly die, and this will result in further investigations into the COVID vaccines.”

Among the famous who died suddenly this year are C.J. Harris, American Idol contestant; Lynette Hardaway, known as Silk of the conservative political commentary duo Diamond and Silk; and Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. We also recall Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsing from cardiac arrest during an NFL game live on ESPN.  Miraculously, he survived after multiple resuscitations and a short hospitalization. 

These unfortunate losses have not been officially linked to the COVID vaccine, however, the deaths are becoming too frequent among the young and otherwise healthy population to overlook. We pray for investigations to be launched with expedience.

January’s headlines have been rife with Biden family secrets, also foretold by Chris.

“Chinese influence and bribery will be exposed, and it will be shocking how much China’s tentacles have reached to many nations around the world. This will include American politics and helping swing the 2020 election. This will come to light, will be undeniable and will again be tied to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which will be fully exposed and tie Joe Biden to everything. Three times, I saw boxes being opened and I saw the words “smoking gun” which will prove beyond a doubt Chinese money and involvement in Biden’s campaign and secrets being exposed even through the courts and House of Representatives. This will shock the world. Remember: boxes, Biden, and billionaires. Even suppression, manipulation, and intimidation in our courts will be exposed, revealing they knew more than what they were willing to say.”

Over the past few weeks, it was reported that boxes of classified documents from Biden’s term as vice president have been discovered in multiple locations. It is yet to be seen what the classified documents contain and the degree to which national security may have been compromised.  It is most disturbing to learn that classified documents were found next to Joe’s Corvette in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, home where Hunter was allegedly residing for a short time.  Knowing Hunter’s history of shady business deals and ongoing drug addiction, one can only suspect the documents were likely “out in the open.”

The classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania led to questions about the suspicious timing and sources of certain donations to the university.  Around the time of the Penn Biden Center’s opening through Biden’s term as vice president under Obama, the university received multiple donations from China, totaling a whopping $54.6 million from 2014-2019. 

The dubious reputation of the Biden family is not “breaking news” but the depth of their involvement with China and the Chinese Communist Party is still looming.  Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said, “I think most Americans would be shocked if they saw how many connections the Biden family has to people directly affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.” His statement clearly echoes Chris’ prophetic word that these secrets “will shock the world.”

With uncanny synchronicity, the “Twitter Files” have been unraveling the sordid details about how social media was cooperating with multiple government agencies, most notably the FBI, to censor information ─ not the least of which was the Hunter Biden laptop story.  This will not be hidden much longer according to the New Year’s Eve prophecy.

“The Hunter Biden laptop case, which was suppressed before the 2020 election, is about to be opened. This issue will become a centerfold in the news and will tremendously hurt his father’s credibility and past claims. Last year, the Lord showed me this would hurt his father to the point to where he will lose power and be out of office before the 2024 election.”

Geopolitical news will always be abundant but soon the headlines will tell of “signs in the heavens.”  The Lord showed Chris about cosmic events to come.

“I saw a bizarre cosmic event in the heavens. The Bible says there will be signs in the heavens above. It could be a solar flare or comet breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere. It won’t bring major destruction, but it will affect technology worldwide, cause power outages, and make international headlines.”

Last week, this headline appeared in The Guardian: “Exotic green comet not seen since stone age returns to skies above Earth.”  According to the article, the comet has been calculated to only orbit the earth once every 50,000 years.  It will be closest to the Earth on Wednesday and Thursday at a distance of 2.5 light minutes, approximately 27 million miles. 

While we cannot be sure that this rare occurrence of the exotic green comet coming close to Earth will “affect technology and cause power outages“ we can be sure that the Lord will give us discernment and wisdom on how to respond. 

Seeing prophetic words come to pass at this accelerated rate is quite rare in terms of the modern-day church era.  Prophetic words from trusted voices at times seem to have lingered unfulfilled for decades before coming to pass.  Although recently we have heard those trusted voices speak more and more of acceleration.   

This phenomenon of acceleration is found in Amos 9:13, which reads, “Behold, days are coming” declares the Lord, “When the plowman will overtake the reaper, And the one who treads grapes will overtake him who sows the seed; When the mountains will drip grape juice, and all the hills will come apart.”

Perhaps now we are stepping into this time of acceleration as prophetic words are coming to pass within weeks, or even days of being publicly released.  God is confirming who His prophetic voices truly are and fulfilling the dynamic of acceleration in these times. 

God remains the same and His Word never changes.  He will continue revealing future events through his servants to bring glory to His name.  Amos 3:7 reads, “Certainly the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret plan to His servants the prophets.”

The fulfillment of prophetic words show that God is speaking, He is sovereign over everything, and He has a plan. As for the MSJN team, we are honored to be scribes of His voice in these epic days where headlines and prophecy converge.