12-Step Preparation Action Plan for Americans

As we consider the current state of our nation with looming uncertainty in the months ahead due to inflation, food shortages, soaring gas prices, and the threat of increased violence over polarizing political issues, Americans must take action to be prepared. God has given us prophetic voices that are resounding with wisdom and discernment to prepare for the times ahead so that we will have adequate resources for our families and our neighbors. Being prepared can bring peace of mind in times of crisis.

A recent guest of MorningStar Journal News, Dr. Lee Vliet, has crafted a 12-step action plan that we would like to share with you. (Her action plan was featured on the SGT Report podcast on May 29.) Dr. Vliet is the founder of Vive Life Center with medical practices in Tucson AZ and Dallas TX, specializing in preventive and climacteric medicine. She is the president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation.

Dr. Lee Vliet’s Preparation Action Plan:

1. Exercise and build up your immune system
2. Stock up on food supply (3-6 months)
3. Stock up on nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins, and disinfectants (3-6 months)
4. Have 3-6 months of prescription medicines and staple medical supplies
5. Have 3-6 months of cash on hand to buy essentials
6. Mark 5-G towers in your neighborhood – know the sources of radiation, file criminal complaints to take action to stop 5-G in your area
7. Grow your own food
8. Develop relationships with local farmers & find local food sources
9. Get to know your local law enforcement and create an action plan with your neighbors
10. Do a home threat analysis; look for areas of vulnerability and strengthen them
11. Plan for your self-defense: fire arms, ammunition, fencing, guard dogs – whatever is appropriate for your living space
12. Strengthen your faith; seek God’s wisdom and discernment. Choose God’s peace over fear.

To watch our interview with Dr. Vliet, please follow this link: https://rumble.com/v14d2ra-dangers-of-covid-19-vaccine-and-5g-with-dr.-lee-vliet-msjn.html