Papanicolaou Says America Should Stay Out of Ukraine-Russia Conflict

By Daniel Emanuel

Tensions between Europe, Russia, and the U.S. continue to escalate because of Russia’s strong opposition to the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. Russia has amassed troops along its border with Ukraine and has warned the U.S. if Moscow’s demands are not met, they will take strong actions. 


Russia demands NATO forbid present or future Ukraine membership, and Ukraine must be prohibited from having ballistic or intermediate missiles based there. The Biden Administration has responded with threats of economic sanctions and the possible increase in military presence in Eastern Europe. However, one question about this conflict remains unanswered – should America intervene?


In an interview with Morningstar Journal News, Nicholas Papanicolaou, Co-founder of Dialogue of Civilizations, said the U.S. has a policy defending the American hemisphere—the Monroe Doctrine. This 1823 policy warned European powers against trying to establish their kingdoms and colonies in the Americas. “If you believe in the principle of reciprocity, what we’re doing to Russia via Ukraine is a violation of their Monroe Doctrine,” Papanicolaou said. 


Ukraine has been a neutral territory between the West and Russia since the Soviet Union fell 32 years ago. Kiev was the original Russian capital and Moscow was not founded yet. “Ukraine is to Russia what New England was to the new American Republic,” Papanicolaou remarked. Even though Ukraine is not directly under Russian rule today, it has always been under Russian influence.


In 1962, Russia tried to set up missiles in Cuba and the U.S. responded with a blockade of the island. Papanicolaou said, “We enforced the Monroe Doctrine … and yet at the same time, we’re trying to wrest Ukraine away and make it a NATO member, which is opposed to Russia.” 


The only country that would benefit from this conflict would be Communist China. “Russia, in fact, is very important to us as an ally against the Chinese and as an ally against the forces of Islam,” said Papanicolaou. This conflict would push Russia towards tightening its ties with China, and it is the perfect smoke screen for the CCP to continue its unconventional war against the U.S. unchecked. 


Making an enemy of the second-greatest nuclear power in the world over such reasonable demands seems like a bad idea. “It is entirely stupid for us to be provoking the Russian bear, poking it in the eye, right on its border,” Papanicolaou concluded. Engaging in a conflict in Europe while the Asian Giant rises. is irrational and unnecessary. 

Daniel is a graduate of Morningstar University and a Reporter and Content Creator for Morningstar Journal News.