Planetary Politics

By Marc Nuttle

The United Nations’ latest forum on climate change just concluded at the COP26 Glasgow Climate Conference. The final documents of protocol agreements are now being circulated. The basic goals and objectives of coordinating sovereign nations’ CO2 emissions has not changed. Participating countries again pledged cooperation. What has changed is the dialogue prioritizing citizens’ ability to make choices for themselves by aggressively condemning certain industries. The conclusions reached from the talks are that people must yield to the vocational intent of the master plan.
A new term is emerging, planetary politics. It is used now among elites to describe a one world strategy for management of a one world society. There is no forum of enforcement yet to oversee this one world effort. However, the participants of the conference act as if it is a foregone conclusion.
Progressives believe that people are citizens of the world, not nations. The laws, the culture, the values, and the borders of a nation-state are impediments to the implementation of this philosophical pretense. Consideration for family values or religious beliefs or common purpose are an anathema to their designs on society.
In the context of this scenario, borders should be open and individuals should be able to vote without qualifications or residency requirements. This makes sense if you believe that there is only a one world citizenship.
The United States of America was founded on the premise that all rights come from God and certain values are transcendent. Eternal values as inalienable rights never change. They are not amended, blended, or restructured based upon a one world identity. It is a nation’s obligation to honor transcendent values for the good of the people who respect and honor those values. That’s why borders are critical to the security of a nation-state. Not to keep the infidels out, but to protect the honor of the belief system that is the identity of the soul of the nation.
Immigration is a tradition in America. It should be welcomed, especially for those fleeing despots and dictators. In compassion for our fellow citizens of the world, physical needs should be supplied in equal measure to the education necessary to become good citizens. The compassion requires both elements. America stands for freedom in the world today. It used to stand for citizen responsibility to support freedom as a shared obligation. Those who believe in planetary politics abandon the discipline of teaching citizen responsibility in the support of core principles.
To receive freedom and equal opportunity, everyone must commit themselves to a minimum common purpose of respecting each other’s rights for the righteous pursuit of happiness.
Recently, President Biden and President Xi conducted a Zoom summit. Both presidents committed their countries to unspecified cooperation to alter the effects of climate change. Nothing was agreed to on economic cooperation. China continues to expand its “Silk Road” strategy. This is an economic plan to influence developing countries to rely upon the planned economy of China. This geopolitical progenitor is not what it seems. Strings are attached that restrict the freedom of the country and renders the citizens as slaves of the state. Once a nation falls into this web of deceit, there is little chance of economic escape.
This report is being published today from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I am here as part of a delegation analyzing trade opportunities in relationship to world currency policy and debt management. China is lurking in the shadows, not as a great dragon, but a deadly spider.
Nowhere in the discussions are the leaders of Guatemala asking for more world government control and less freedom for their people.
Countries all over the world are looking at their hole cards in anticipation of the full force and effect of post-Covid economic restructuring. Inflation which is manifesting itself in the United States will roil through the world’s economy by the first quarter of next year. Only the United States can print dollars (the world’s currency) to underpin an economic strategy. All other countries must react to our indulgence. Planning by other nations must take into consideration U.S. government actions outside of their control.
Yet most nations still seek the transcendent values of inalienable rights and freedom.
Radical progressives, for whatever reason, see a world order wherein all people are equal in outcome, regardless of any accountability for values, creed, respect for others, or commitment to support of a common purpose bigger than themselves. They deny the attribution of a nation that holds eternal truths to be self-evident.
In essence, planetary politics is a movement to standardize the values and the lives of citizens of the world. In so doing, this philosophy impedes the ability of a family to set their own moral values. If the United States is to lead the world, it must do so by managing its own economic affairs with discipline and stating emphatically what it believes are the transcendent values upon which there can be no trespass.
Individual choice of destiny is the soul of the human spirit.
My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.
What do you believe?

Marc Nuttle is an attorney based in Norman, Oklahoma, who specializes in international trade, international foreign policy, and international political affairs. He is widely recognized for his expertise in forecasting political and economic trends. He represents corporations, business projects and political entities nationally and internationally. Mr. Nuttle is the founder of the New Horizon Council, a forum for the discussion of transcendent government and business principles.