Texas Republicans Blamed for Suicide Rate of Trans for Wanting to Protect Women’s Sports

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott urged state lawmakers this month to make legislation banning biological males from competing in women’s sports. According to LGBTQ advocates, the mere consideration of a bill against trans could be deadly for transgender people. The 19th News reported Monday that “as greater numbers of anti-trans bills have been introduced across more states within the last two years, more trans homicides have taken place in those states.” The 19th News is effectively placing blame on Republican lawmakers for an increase in transgender homicides even though adding that “more research is needed.” If Republicans are “anti-trans” for trying to protect the integrity of woman sports, then it is clear that the 19th News which proclaims to be a champion of women and is even named 19th amendment are actually anti-women. The data is obvious, the majority of women don’t want biological men to play in women’s sports.