Victim of Taliban Oppression Speaks Out on Taliban’s Hollow Promises for Equal Rights

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An Afghani woman by the name of Khatera said recently in an interview that the Taliban will not respect or honor women’s rights despite the terrorist group’s promise to do so. Khatera, 33, recalled a horrific attack she endured in 2020 when her father—a former Taliban fighter—tipped off the Islamic militant group that his daughter was employed. Under Sharia Law, women are not allowed to work. During the attack, Khatera, who worked for the police at the time, was shot at least eight times, stabbed, and her eyes were knifed out of their sockets before Taliban fighters left her for dead. She was also pregnant at the time. As long as the Taliban obeys the Quran word-for-word, women’s rights will never be promoted or permitted under their rule.