Teachers Union Vows to Teach Critical Race Theory, in Violation of New State Laws

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The NEA, the largest teachers union in the U.S., has vowed to teach Critical Race Theory in 14,000 school districts across all 50 states.  This is probematic because Critical Race Theory (or CRT) has deep Marxist roots, exacerbates racial resentment, and has served as a driving force for activists and revolutionaries who seek to destory the American system of liberty, individualism, and free enterprise.  Yet, the NEA will be training teachers in how to “fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric and share information with other NEA members as well as their community members.”  This is blatant indoctrination, right here in black and white.  Some states have begun to fight back by explicitly banning the teaching CRT.  However, despite this, teachers in those states have vowed to rebel by teaching the CRT ideology in violation of new state law.  It is more important than ever for parents to be aware, learn about the issues, and let their voices be heard on local school boards.